YUEJIN 4x2 mini concrete mixer truck
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YUEJIN 4x2 mini concrete mixer truck
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Vehicle nameYUEJIN H300 mini cement mixer truck
Vehicle modelCLW5100GJB
Chassis modelSH5100GJB
Overall size5995×2200×3380 mm
Curb weight4900 kg
Wheelbase3300 mm
EngineYuchai diesel engine, 130hp
Emission standardEuro 3
CabH300, single row
Tires spec8.25-16
Tire numbers6+1 spare
Load capacity2-5 CBM

1-With reducer, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and radiator. All made in China;
2-Tank material: wear-resistant alloy steel, 6mm front head, 5mm around.
3-Equiped with control system in cabin, so could be operated inside or outside of the cabin.
4-Water supplying system could supply water and wash the inner body.

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